Oleh: 60nline | Februari 6, 2009



Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai brings Atari and Dimps’ successful anime-inspired fighting series to the PlayStation Portable in a package that isn’t particularly ambitious but is still well-executed enough to make it worthwhile. The simple, fast-paced action of the Budokai series translates well onto the PSP, and the presentation is both eye-catchingly vibrant and technically flashy. Shin Budokai’s bare-bones set of features is in stark relief against the game’s solid core and is a little disappointing.
That Shin Budokai takes its cues from the first three Budokai games, and not Budokai Tenkaichi, should be a great relief to fans. Like its predecessors, Shin Budokai takes a basic 3D fighting game model and imbues it with the hyperkinetic energy synonymous with Dragon Ball Z. The game’s controls map easily onto the PSP, using two of the face buttons for melee attacks, one for blocking attacks, and one for firing off ranged energy attacks. As you might expect, melee attacks can be easily strung into combos, and pressing both at once lets you throw your opponent. Holding down the block button puts your character’s guard up, though well-timed taps on the block button can dodge an attack entirely or even throw an energy attack right back at your opponent.


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